Welcome To ARC

ARC was founded in 1998 and we’ve grown to become a diverse team, both in background and location. We’re a team of over 100 employees & contractors working on a variety of technology projects across North America.  What brings us together is the mission to do great work, for great clients, in an environment of support, innovation, and fun.

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. Learn more about our company below!

Ecosystem - ARC Managed Services

A Team Working Across Multiple Time Zones

Multiple Viewpoints,
Multiple Specialties

With offices and employees in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, and Nevada, we’re a team that spans a wide variety of time zones. You could say we’re masters of the conference call and web meeting. It’s one of the things that makes clients comfortable working with us, we know first-hand the challenges of connecting multiple offices.

Technology Is A Means To An End

Your Goals Determine Your Needs

At ARC, we believe that technology for technology’s sake is worthless. We believe that technology should be designed and implemented with the users’s goal in mind. Everything else is just noise.

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Need Support Now?

We can help today!

Existing clients can contact support at any time. If you’re not a current client, but are in an I.T. emergency, we’re here to help as well. After we’ve helped with your emergency, we can talk about how you can prevent it from happening again.