Are You Set Up To Work Remotely? If Not, We Can Help.

Recent events have forced an overwhelming number of employees to work from home. For most, this is an unwelcome routine change. It may also become the norm for a while if social distancing practices and self-isolation are encouraged.

While employees are adjusting, businesses are scrambling to set their people up with the required resources. Whether it’s remote access, VPN setup, or the adoption of an online platform, they need these structures in place to continue their operations and survive. Unfortunately, the majority of them have never prepared for a situation like the one we are currently in.

And businesses can certainly adapt, but they will fall behind unless their technology setup is kept up-to-date. That could prove to be challenge, even with their own IT staff.

We empathize with employees and businesses alike, and know that times are tough. We’re also here to help.

ARC Managed Services can be your external IT partner. We’ll set up remote work environments and VPNs so your employees can work from home. We’ll then provide ongoing remote support to resolve your IT issues. Secure servers and backups can also be deployed, ensuring that your employees’ work environments are safe.

We’re currently implementing these services for our current customers, and we’re more than happy to provide them to you too. If you need immediate support, email us at [email protected].

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