Is Your Remote Work Setup Secure?

In our previous post, we covered the need to work remotely in these times, and how ARC Managed Services can help.

However, maybe you’re already set up to work remotely. You may have a home office and a remote desktop protocol, VPN, or other type of access software. While this setup may work for you, it may also “work” for others. Yes, we’re talking about security, and whether your setup is protected from ransomware, fraud, internet phishing scams, and other threats.

In trying times, cybersecurity is a huge concern, especially when work situations have become de-centralized and systems are vulnerable. Experts who exploit businesses and individuals through their IT infrastructure are already in full force.

For instance, ARC Managed Services has begun seeing an increase in phishing attacks. Here’s an example of a phishing email we received last week:

Upon first inspection, the sender’s email address is suspect, and the email content does not read like it was written by an official in charge of the COVID-19 response. There is no signature, no information about the sender, and as a result the email is not compliant with CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation). Click here to learn more about CASL.

As well, it would be unlikely for an official or governmental body to contact you at work about something so important with such a short, unprofessional email. To learn more about the techniques we use to identify phishing emails, read our related article.

Canadian authorities have advised that there are no mass emails being sent out, and there is no door-to-door canvassing going on. You should not see any solicitations such as the one above. So, during this time, please be vigilant with your emails and do not click any suspicious messages or links.

Upon receiving the above email, ARC Managed Services was able to alert all other ARC employees and their clients of these phishing attacks. Therein lies the advantage of choosing to partner with an external IT partner like us.

We’re ensuring that our current clients are secure in their remote work situations, and we’re more than happy to help you with that too. If you need immediate support or security, email us at [email protected].

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