Soft Targets – What Managed Service Providers need to keep an eye on

Cybersecurity trends are up in the IT industry and what we are hearing the most, is ransomware attacks on “soft targets”.  

What exactly is a soft target?

Here is a list that usually fits the description:

  • Employee count – less than 50 staff
  • Company usually relies on technology that is outdated and unprotected
  • A targeted business is one that is not regulated and doesn’t have highly treasured information some examples of businesses include: bakeries, florists, cleaning services, small hotels, dry cleaners
  • Does business with large businesses. An example, a small manufacturer of baby swaddles and other gift items that produces swag from a larger business. 
  • Business revenue is less that $1M, a cybersecurity expense is not factored into a small budget


Weak Spots

Passwords – simply don’t use simple passwords. Hackers can easily guess your mother’s maiden name, your SIN # or your dogs name.  

Small firms – a 3 or 4 person firm usually don’t budget for anything more than a basic off the shelf product.  The reputational damage that a small business can experience when they are hacked becomes public  and can have long lasting effects.  


What You Can Do

Find a Managed Services Provider and have an audit completed on your business. MSPs can help you identify security gaps and provide advice.  Awareness training for staff will also go a long way. 

ARC Managed Services is more than happy to help you get started, your security is our number one priority! Contact us at [email protected] 

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