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The ARC Ecosystem

An Exclusive Network of Business-Building Apps, Tools, and Services 

When we said we’re committed to helping you grow, we meant it. When you join up with ARC, you get access to an exclusive set of apps, tools, software discounts, hardware discounts, and a team who’s ready to help you with any of your technology needs.


We call it the ARC Ecosystem, and it’s here to make your life easier.

ARC Intercom App: Lightweight Intranet

A lightweight and easy to use company communication APP for business. ARC Intercom allows you to communicate with staff, coordinate events, share employee docs and policies, and send push notifications to employees phones.

Office 365 Deals & Integrations

Your favourite Microsoft apps, accessible on all your devices, at any time. Use applications like OneDrive, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more on the go and store your files on the cloud for easy access.

Laptop & Desktop Hardware Vendor Pricing

As preferred technology vendors, we get access to a wide range of computer hardware discounts. From laptops and desktops, to iPads and accessories, you will have access to great deals.

Threat & Security
Email Bulletins 

Our team is constantly monitoring the latest emerging threats, viruses, phishing scams, and more. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest security threats on the market.

Our Ecosystem Is Always Growing!

We’re constantly adding new tools, deals, partners, and articles to our Ecosystem to help you build your business. Does your organization want to add a product or service to the ecosystem? Contact us here.


Microsoft SharePoint Builds

How your company organizes its digital information is just as important as keeping it safe and secure. We can help you implement a wide range of information management systems.

Cloud Storage & Hosting 

Safe, secure, and scalable! Bring your business into the cloud and take advantage of economies of scale and on-demand file access for your team, wherever they may be.


A dynamic learning and communications platform, perfect for companies who need a way to train employees or potential candidates. Provide engaging, effective learning content with a reward system and gamification. 

Enterprise Information Management

Our  EIM team address a wide range of services including:  capture/input, document/records management, business process management and delivery, and more. We enable organizations to manage content throughout their life-cycle.

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Software & Mobile App Development

From concepts, discovery, analysis and requirements gathering to design, project planning, development, testing, deployment, & support, ARC’s experienced team successfully delivers application projects using proven methodologies.

Team Augmentation

We can deliver complete teams, or supplement yours existing team with all including: project managers, business analysts, systems analysts, architects, developers, quality assurances, trainers and more. Our pool of qualified employees and specialists are ready to help.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting team has years of experience helping some of the most successful organizations in the world. Our specialties include: strategy, operations review, business process modeling, change management, program readiness and more.

Deep Industry Expertise

Since 1998, our team has brought their deep industry insight help solve a wide range of client challenges. No matter what industry your business is in, we’re here to help. Specializations include utilities, oil & gas, government & public sector, financial services, healthcare and many other fields.

Need Support Now?

We can help today!

Existing clients can contact support at any time. If you’re not a current client, but are in an I.T. emergency, we’re here to help as well. After we’ve helped with your emergency, we can talk about how you can prevent it from happening again.