What Is Next for Canadian Businesses?

In our previous post, we covered the importance of having a secure remote work setup. With increased phishing attacks and scams aimed at compromising your security, it is crucial that you have an expert team and the necessary infrastructure in place.

In light of COVID-19, most organizations in Canada have already taken action, and as a result employees have been working remotely for over a month. The online community has helped us through this difficult situation. Online collaborative resources have boomed, and tips and strategies on how to be productive at home are generously shared.

So, what’s next for Canadian businesses?

In a recent webinar by Crestview Strategy, titled “The New Normal”, a four-phase model of Canada’s current situation was laid out. The phases are as follows:

  1. Crisis
  2. Remainder of Lockdown
  3. Cold Restart
  4. Kickstart Economy

As of April, we are currently in the “Crisis” stage where the government is still responding to COVID-19. We are also starting to settle into our new work situations.

However, there are still three more phases that we haven’t yet entered. This situation is not going to end soon, with experts predicting drastic measures until July and a vaccine in 18 months. A lockdown will likely continue through phase 2 as the government maintains that the health of Canadians is of the utmost importance. Businesses and the job sector will only begin to thrive again once we enter phase 3, and there is no telling when that will happen at the present time.

For more information on Crestview Strategy’s four-phase model, please visit their COVID-19 Data Room.

What is needed, then, is an extended strategy for your IT setup. Maybe you’re already set up with a secure, remote work environment, but do you have an IT strategy in place for the long haul? If not, we can help.

For immediate support and security, or an inquiry on how we can put a strategy together for your business, email us at [email protected].

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